Weekends Are AWESOME

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face because it is a new day to conquer the world , but when Saturday and Sunday comes around I not only smile from ear to ear , I jump up for joy. Why I do this? I LOVE MY WEEKENDS. I know everyone loves there’s just as much, but for me it’s a whole different feeling. As a hard working, single mom my work week is very structured. I wake up at the same time Monday through Friday, do my morning rituals, drop my daughter off at school, go to work, pick up my daughter, come home and then my duties as a mom kick in. You would probably think I sleep like a baby at night, well it varies depending on when my brain allows me to fall asleep. Thoughts of tomorrow , counting the days till the weekend, making a list of things I need to do around the house, and trying to figure out a master plan to find the energy to do these things are all done at night when I’m trying to fall asleep in my comfy bed . Weekends are not so structured because I feel so free to do what I want and that is a an awesome feeling! I’m able to clean, spend time with friends and family, go on dates to find my prince charming, see new movies , pamper myself, and the list could go on are all things I try to do in those two days. Life is good here in Sunny Florida! Enjoy the weekend because we ALL DESERVE it!


*Snoozing* Time To Start My Day

Alarm clocks are made to alarm someone to wake up right? Well whoever invented the snooze button was a genious. I live to *snooze* and lets just say my snooze button has seen better days. My day starts at 6:45 a.m after 5 snoozes later. I wake up my sleeping beauty and get her ready for school. Sometimes it can be a breeze while other days its a mini World War II. Regardless of how my morning starts I must brew a delicious cup of starbucks coffee. Even though I prefer my caramel double shot extra drizzle frappucino I decided it was becoming an expensive addiction so I settled for my ultimate favorite breakfeast blend from startbucks with french vanilla creamer, It is to die for…. My Monday to Fridays are basically the same everyday all day with some excitment, which contributes to my laugh out loud friends who always brighten my day, but what really starts my day is knowing I get up each morning for ONE simple reason: My Daughter. Seeing her open up her little eyes every morning with her little grin make my world go round. Knowing I get to start each day with her makes me smile and warms my heart. So whether or not I *Snooze* I snooze for good reason. *Christina*

The Other Person

The only time I will ever blog about this….The other person..
When you become a parent your life changes correct?! Well unfortunatley I have come to a conclusion that this DOES NOT happen for everyone and why does it happen to all the moms out there who always dreamt about being a family, but then in the blink of an eye get stuck for 18+ years with a incompetant peice of work human being? Seriously WTF? I work hard, I sacrifice, I loose sleep so why shouldnt he? seriously if I didnt grow up and take care of my child, my family would disown me. This may seem as a bashing blog, but I see it as therapy, release of pure insanity that I dont need in my life. Eleven years ago if I knew this would happen I would of packed his bags and said “Adios amigo,” I spend most of my days wondering how this is morally right and in the end it is not. I guess it basically boils down to the fact that some “boys” never grow up and must feel they need to be attached to their mamas…ohhhh yes I said it and it feels good!!! Bitchy or not , hate me or not this is my blog and I can say as I please because I have the right too. It isĀ  called “Baby Daddy Drama” yes indeed. I pray on this constantly for the strength to help me deal with stupidity and yes I have gotten better, but when is enough enough?I try my best be two parents, but it can be difficult I am not going to lie. I know in the end my daughter and I will be better off and the other person will just be the other person with no foundation to stand on. I know in my heart I am doing the best I can as a single mom and even though I never dreamt I would be in this position I thank God for giving me the strength to be a single mom. As for the “other person” good luck, because you will need it… I think I am done ranting about this and I feel a whole lot better….and that is all that matters
Single mom and loving it xoxo -Christina

Fairy Tale Remix

What might a fairytale remix be? It is simply a different type of fairytale that most of us mom’s live through than our traditional fairytale we dreamt about as little girls. No matter how we stepped into motherhood our remix differs individually,but stands for one thing. Being a mommy to our children can be difficult, but the rewards are endless. A new life begins and our life changes. As little girls we always dreamt of a fairytale ending but in reality our lives through the years take a turn that may not always be so glamourous. Break-ups, jobs we hated, but had to go to because of bills to pay, self-centered boyfriends who weren’t even close to being knights in shining armour, but wrapped up in tin foil pretending they are the defintion of what a man should be. As we grow older and wiser we start to realize there is really no such thing as a fairytale ending. This is what we call a fairytale remix.

Remix-to mix and re-record the elements in a different way.

As the definition states we as women re-record the elements of a traditional fairytale and make our own ending. Our own fairytale brings us stories to tell of our adventures through motherhood. My own consists of living the life as a single mom raising my daughter 24/7, going to school full-time and working 8 hours a day/5 days a week. It can be difficult at times but I always know my ONE reason for all this is my DAUGHTER, my world, my sun on a cloudy day. One day I will find my own prince charming, my version, but for now I am living the life of a single mom and that is okay. So I say this to all mommies, where ever you are in your fairytale remix, be proud and remember you can write your own ending because it is yours to write and will always be a story you can tell. xo

The Working Mommy

As a working mom I have come to realize that weekends are cherished in my house. When Friday comes around i literally get excited like a little child on Christmas morning. My weekends usually consists of relaxing, catching up on cleaning, spending time with family and friends and basically not feeling the constant pressure of trying to keep my sanity while at work. Like any fast paced job there is the stress and that in it self can be challenging because we all want to succeed in what we do at work. I struggle from time to time with trying to balance all my roles as a mom, employee, student,and beloved family member. I admit sometimes I ask myself, “Why me?”. I simply say because I am strong enough to handle what God has given me. He knows I struggle, but I know He is always by my side to keep me going. My daughter is my shiny beacon of hope. She is my ultimate strength when I feel like I am falling through the cracks. Each mom in this world has a title and these titles get longer and longer. My title consists of SINGLE MOM TO ONE, FULL TIME ONLINE STUDENT AND FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE. I am prepared for my existing title to grow, but for now I am content with what I am. Tomorrow is Friday and this working mommy is going to bed.

-Chic Mommy In Pink