Sand, Sun, and Family Fun


“This is the best day ever!!!” Is music to my ears. It is moments like these that warms my heart to know that I bring these amazing moments to my daughter’s life. Sun kissed tan, sandy feet, sun shining bright, and just the right amount of wind is the absolute definition of “the best day ever.” I have always wanted to travel to paradise, but the benefit of living 30 minutes from the beach makes paradise closer to home.



Being at the beach reminds me of the good things in life. Those “best day ever!” moments help me to stay grounded when life throws us a curve ball. As parents we always try to make sure we give our children the best life we can offer. Keeping them safe is very important, but I think the most important gift we can give our children are the memories they will have and be able to look back on when they reach adulthood. As an adult I can honeslty say I had an AMAZING childhood and my parents did a great job making sure us kids were happy despite any situation they were going through.

I hope as a single mom I can still continue to give Alexis more “best day ever!” moments. As long as I can do that I know that I have done a great job! Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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