Summertime is Where the Heart is

ImageSummers in Florida can get pretty gruesome and when I say this I mean it in the most literal way. Humidity that turns your perfectly styled hair into a wavy frizzy mess, tropical storms causing mini floods and rain almost everyday can make anyone re-think there residency as a Floridian. For the most part I have always enjoyed summer, but this time marks the beginning of a new chapter. There comes a happy medium that makes frizzy hair  and drenched flip-flops(because all Floridians wear are flip-flops)  more desirable. We have the beach when we want that perfect sun-kissed tan and also the St. Johns River for fish lovers to spend the day out on the boat or play around on jet-ski’s with awesome friends and family. This summer marks the beginning of a new chapter for me and my little princess.  In almost a month my daughter will begin the next chapter of her precious life as a kindergartner. As a mother I wanted to make sure that her summer was AMAZING. Since I am a working mom she is lucky enough to spend the week at my parents house. So far she is having the best summer any 5 year old could ask for.

Summer Time 2012


My 4th of July was spent with family, good food and delicious Coconut creme pie ( YUMMY!)

Life Is good.