Little Girls and Brushes

***Watch this video by Rid Lice for helpful information***

I don’t know what it is but my heart literally skips a beat when I get a phone call from my daughter’s school when I am working. It was like any other day just working away wishing for 5 o’clock to come around. I was in the zone doing my own thing when I was told that my daughter’s school was on the phone and that it wasn’t an emergency. I immediatley let out a sigh of relief, but still a million thought ran through my head. When I picked up the phone it was the school nurse on the otherend explaining to me that my daughter was one of 6 girls that had encountered head lice. Apparently there is an epidemic of head lice in most of the surrounding schools and day cares where I live. I literally started to freak out in my own little world because I had never dealt with this before and from what I heard head lice can be very time consuming and costly to get rid of. After hanging up the phone I called my mom to ask if she could pick her up from school. Luckily she was able to pick her up. My mom is a lifesaver! The rest of the afternoon I kept thinking about all the stuff I needed to do when I got home. Now let me just add I was doing more than just thinking, I was scratching my head constantly. It had been like that since I got off the phone with the nurse. I had one of the girls go through my hair to make sure I didn’t have any unwanted guests trying to make a home in my hair. Luckily, with a sigh of relief nothing was found and it was all in my head playing tricks on me. It is just something that happens when someone talks about creepy crawly creatures that makes me itch. I rushed home and immediatley kicked my cleaning into high gear. I vaccumed and washed everything my precious little girl’s head touched. As of right now after treating my daughter’s hair there is no trace of any adult lice and just making sure we get all the nits. I am so thankful this happend towards the end of the week because I would hate to have her miss a lost of school. Head lice is so common with kids, but from now on I plan to put some type of product in my daughter’s hair. JUST REMEMBER Head lice LOVE CLEAN HAIR!!! I have included a youtube video I found for mom’s to view in case you are new to treating head lice like I was.


My Pinned Life

If you’re like me “pinning” is an addiction. Creating new boards, finding new recipes, DIY crafts, etc. are all things we get sucked into when we spend countless hours on Pinterest. I love finding new recipes, motivation, inspirational quotes, and crafty ideas to help make life a little different. As I sit here listening to the rain outside I thought about what my next post should be about. I decided to share my life through photos I have “pinned” from my boards.


I secretly live a superwoman life. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I really am Superwoman. I even have the pink cape to prove my special superwoman powers do exist.


I ABOSOLUTELY LOVE Target! I sometimes go there just to walk around and look at all the clearence items. This might sound crazy to a lot of people, but since when do I care about what others think. Not this mama. Seeing this on Pinterest made me giggle because I would be one of those moms on a Friday night at Target sitting at the bar. I mean what could be more fabulous than a bag full of awesome clearence items and a stiff drink to end your work week. I would be perfectly content if I say so myself.


I am pretty sure in another life I was an english teacher because I take grammar and spelling SERIOUSLY…LOL


I started blogging in hopes to inspire and connect with other women. I want other women to know that they are not alone and that we can all survive if we stick together.


Yes this is me:)

In a nutshell, I love to express my present life through quotes and pictures. There is something about a good quote that explains exactly what your life is all about in that exact moment.

Have a awesome weekend mamas:)
Xo- Christina

Weightloss: My Testimony


My weight loss journey began approximately 8 months ago.  My weight had reached an all time high of 183lbs and in that very moment of my life I knew I had to do something before I gained anymore weight.  I thought this was so ridiculous because I didn’t even weigh that much when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter.  My life in that very moment was in a serious rut. I  needed to change my life. I didn’t buy cute clothes or even try to dress up because nothing fit. All I wanted to wear were t-shirts, gym shorts and flip-flops.  There were even moments when I would just give up trying to find something to wear and just sit on my bed crying. Depressing right?  After my moment of clarity I decided to make an appointment with my primary physician so he could order blood work and do a complete work up on me.  After 3 months of blood work he referred me to a Endocrinologist because my thyroid levels were off. At this point I just wanted to feel better and I wasn’t excited about taking medication for my thyroid. After more blood work the specialist finally told me he felt that it wasn’t necessary for me to be on any type of thyroid medicine and would just monitor me in 3 months. I felt so relieved because I HATE taking medicine.

My friend from work, a.k.a “My second mama”, and I started working out with two really great personal trainers who held a work out class at a local community center three times a week.  Starting out was a challenge because I was out of shape and completely lost in my weightloss journey. I was commited to stick with it and I was secretly developing  a little crush on one of the trainers so that made working out more enjoyable,,Shhh don’t tell..LOL 🙂

Here we are 8 months later and I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 12 lbs. and 4 inches off my waist( my main goal). It is a slow process, but what keeps me going is that I recently had to buy clothes in a smaller size because what I did have to wear was getting too big for me. I am not worried about what the scale says because I only care about the inches I loose.

**Weightloss fact: Muscle weighs more than fat”**

Before I got pregnant I weighed 135lbs at the age of 21. Since then I have realized how much my body has changed  and let me just say my hips are bigger. Now I know after having my daughter that my hips will never be the same as before and I am okay with that because  I can honestly say I LOVE MY CURVES!!

My main goal through this whole journey is to be healthy, be toned, and being able to feel comfortable in my own skin. It was time for a change and  I belive that the right people came into my life to make it happen for me.  I still continue to work out 3-4 times a week  and try my best to eat clean. Eating has definately  been my biggest challenge because I LOVE FOOD!!!


My Ideal Man

I have sat on this couch staring at the computer screen with serious writers block, so I decided to  start typing and see where it takes me. Tonight’s topic is DATING,  yes the infamous dating world. Since seperating from my daughter’s father 5 years ago I dated a little bit. I didn’t jump into the whole dating scene right away because my relationship with her dad had changed me into a person that I did not know. I spent the last 5 years finding myself again and in between that time I ran into a guy from high school and dated him for a while.  At first I was VERY  hesitant and wasn’t interested in dating, but I decided to give it a try. I am so happy that I did. We dated for a while, but  he ended up moving out of state due to a job promotion. Dating him really helped me realize what a normal relationship was and I am forever grateful for that. Since then I didn’t do much dating. I tried online dating and that ended up being more entertaining than anything because of the messages I would receive from men. All I could think the whole time I read those messages was “Really did he actually just say that?” and  don’t get me started on their grammar.

I don’t think the qualities I want in a man is too much to ask. I want all the obvious things like having a good job, transportaion and job. What I want in an ideal man:

  • I want a goofy man who can make me laugh. I find this quality very important to me because I always love a good laugh .
  • I want a man who still knows how to respect a lady. Most men these days have become so disrespectful that it amazes me how more and more men have become this way.
  • I want a man who puts his family first.
  • I want a faithful man. I know we are human and we all tend to look at the opposite sex, but cheating is something I don’t tolerate when you have actually lived through it
  • I want a man who loves God.
  • I want a man who can make me smile
  • I want a man who can be my best friend, my other half, my partner
  • I want a man who can love my daughter like she is his own
  • I want a man who can love me for who I am, flaws and all
  • I want a man that I can grow with
  • I want a man that can dance. A man with rhythm is the key to my heart. Okay it is TOTALLY SEXY. I won’t lie LOL

This list could go on and on but these are the main qualities I look for in my ideal man.

I really don’t mind I’m not dating at the moment, but I wouldn’t want to date just anyone who looks in my direction. My mom always taught me ” What matters is quality not quantity”

I live by that motto everyday because I never wanted to be the type of mom that brought multiple guys into my daughter’s life. One disappointment is enough to handle for a lifetime. I strive to be the best role model for my daughter.

In conclusion, dating may not happen often for me and I am okay with that . My life is content right now, but if the right person came around I’d consider the thought of dating. Until next time P.S. What is your Ideal Man? .




2014 IS HERE!! Are You Ready?


Another year has gone by and to be quite honest I am happy to see 2013 leave. Now I am not saying this past year was horrible because it definatley wasn’t, but there were things that I was ready to leave in 2013. Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I am  in life and where I want to be in the next 5 years. Knowing my 20’s is almost over I need to get my life to where I need it to be for myself and my daughter. Someone once told me your 30’s is when everything starts to fall in to place. I  pray that it is true because I am ready for bigger and better things. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Well it is getting late, but I will blog soon! Goodnight Everyone and have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR



I start my “29 Ways to Live your List before 30 ” challenge