Stay Sanitized with Mother’s Therapy Organics During the Winter Season


I was recently asked to review a line of organic products by Mother’s Therapy Organics. I was thrilled and gladly accepted because I love trying out new products, especially when it comes to keeping my daughter as germ free as I can during the winter season and anything organic makes me smile. I don’t like using products that contain all those harsh chemicals that are not good for our bodies. When I received my package a couple of days ago in the mail I immediatley opened it to find two bottles: Germ Fightin’ Hand Lotion- Cool as a Cucumber and Hand Sanitizer- Skin Revitalizing. Even though it has only been a couple days I decided to start my review. Please note that this review is 100% based on my personal opinion.



INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), Organic Echinacea Purpurea (Echinacea),Organic Hydrastis Canadensis (Goldenseal),Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil)
ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 62% Natural Alcohol
SIZE: 4 fL. OZ
I personally love the ingredients that make up this organic hand sanitizer. Goldenseal is a natural herb that has been used in my family for quite sometime now. My parents are huge fans of the liquid form of Goldenseal. Anytime they complain of having an upset stomach they take a couple drops and almost immediately their symptoms disappear. After multiple uses I noticed my hands felt refreshed, clean and moisturized. This size is perfect to keep in my purse or in my daughter’s back pack.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera),Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil),Citrus Limon (Lemon Essential Oil),Organic Origanum Vulgare (Oregano)
SIZE: 8 fl. oz
I love anything that smells of cucumber and this lotion has a very pleasent scent. The size is perfect to carry in my purse for everyday use. I also love the fact that this lotion is made with ingredients that leave your skin feeling moisturized and germ free without the residue some products leave behind.


Overall, so far I am pleased with these two products. I plan to use these for the rest of the month and will come back with an UPDATE. Also, Mother’s Therapy Organics has graciously offered to give one lucky winner a family pack of their hand sanitizers ($20 Value) for FREE, U.S. Residents ONLY. Stay tuned for this AWESOME GIVEAWAY!
In the meantime follow them on their Twitter Page @MOTHERSTHERAPY, visit their websiteMOTHER’S THERAPY ORGANICS and like their Facebook page MOTHER’S THERAPY ORGANICS FACEBOOK PAGE


My Pinned Life

If you’re like me “pinning” is an addiction. Creating new boards, finding new recipes, DIY crafts, etc. are all things we get sucked into when we spend countless hours on Pinterest. I love finding new recipes, motivation, inspirational quotes, and crafty ideas to help make life a little different. As I sit here listening to the rain outside I thought about what my next post should be about. I decided to share my life through photos I have “pinned” from my boards.


I secretly live a superwoman life. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I really am Superwoman. I even have the pink cape to prove my special superwoman powers do exist.


I ABOSOLUTELY LOVE Target! I sometimes go there just to walk around and look at all the clearence items. This might sound crazy to a lot of people, but since when do I care about what others think. Not this mama. Seeing this on Pinterest made me giggle because I would be one of those moms on a Friday night at Target sitting at the bar. I mean what could be more fabulous than a bag full of awesome clearence items and a stiff drink to end your work week. I would be perfectly content if I say so myself.


I am pretty sure in another life I was an english teacher because I take grammar and spelling SERIOUSLY…LOL


I started blogging in hopes to inspire and connect with other women. I want other women to know that they are not alone and that we can all survive if we stick together.


Yes this is me:)

In a nutshell, I love to express my present life through quotes and pictures. There is something about a good quote that explains exactly what your life is all about in that exact moment.

Have a awesome weekend mamas:)
Xo- Christina

29 Ways to Live your List before 30

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post on my blog, but needless to say I have been one busy mama. My 29th birthday is approaching soon and I have thought long and hard as to what I wanted to do since I am about to embark on a new milestone in 2014, the BIG 3-0! I decided to make a mini bucket list of 29 things I would like to do before I turn 30….. Here it goes!

1. Go on a cruise
2. Take Alexis to Disney world
3. Spend the weekend in Miami
4. Learn how to Paddle board
5. Skydive
6. Run a 5k
7. Get kissed by my crush *wink*
8. Go Kayaking
9. Ride in a hot air balloon
10. See the Grand Canyon
11. Take up photography
12. Get into Physician Assistant school
13. Donate clothes you no longer use to a battered women’s shelter
14. Attend Nutcracker on broadway
15. Go Deep Sea Fishing
16. Go to a Drive-In Movie
17. Do a photo shoot to celebrate my goal weight
18. Plant a tree and watch it grow
19. Spend the day at a spa
20. Fly a kite on the beach with Alexis
21. Take a cake baking class
22. Take an art class
23. Go Zip-Lining
24. Learn to scuba dive
25. Be in two places at once
26. Take one photo a day for a year
27. Go to a gun range and shoot a gun
28. Speak Tagalog Fluently
29. Witness a miracle

Summertime is Where the Heart is

ImageSummers in Florida can get pretty gruesome and when I say this I mean it in the most literal way. Humidity that turns your perfectly styled hair into a wavy frizzy mess, tropical storms causing mini floods and rain almost everyday can make anyone re-think there residency as a Floridian. For the most part I have always enjoyed summer, but this time marks the beginning of a new chapter. There comes a happy medium that makes frizzy hair  and drenched flip-flops(because all Floridians wear are flip-flops)  more desirable. We have the beach when we want that perfect sun-kissed tan and also the St. Johns River for fish lovers to spend the day out on the boat or play around on jet-ski’s with awesome friends and family. This summer marks the beginning of a new chapter for me and my little princess.  In almost a month my daughter will begin the next chapter of her precious life as a kindergartner. As a mother I wanted to make sure that her summer was AMAZING. Since I am a working mom she is lucky enough to spend the week at my parents house. So far she is having the best summer any 5 year old could ask for.

Summer Time 2012


My 4th of July was spent with family, good food and delicious Coconut creme pie ( YUMMY!)

Life Is good.



Life is Good

Lately my weekends have consisted of spending time with my family and friends. The thought of going out and partying rarely ever crosses my mind anymore. It is a change I will most definately keep for awhile. This weekend was filled with beachy air, AMAZING seafood and spending time with my sister, brother-in-law and two kids. They spent their last two days at a beautiful condo my parents rented for them on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. It was AMAZING!

My sweet Alexis had the best time spending it with her cousins at the beach. She loves hers cousins so much she was practically attached to their hip the whole weekend. Let’s just say she slepted very well at night and couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and start all over again.

For dinner we ate at our ususal place which is called O’steens. We waited an hour and thirty minutes to get seated but with was worth every minute. The food there is DELICIOUS and I recommend this place to anyone who comes to visit St. Augustine. Just a little FYI: They ONLY EXCEPT CASH

Today is Father’s Day and unfortunatley my dad is somewhere above the clouds flying to Africa, but that won’t stop me from expressing how AMAZING my father is. I never know what to buy him for father’s day because he practically has everything he needs. My dad lives his childhood dream everytime he flies high above the clouds. He is Captain Hawkins and is responsible for his co-pilot and the 200+ passengers aboard. With being a captain comes tremendous responsibility and that is why I LOVE MY DAD SO MUCH. My dad embodies the word “responsibility” because he took care of his family every day, one step at a time.  With that being said my childhood was perfect and I thank my parents for that, but since today is Father’s day I need to be especially thankful for my dad because he sacrificed so much to give each and everyone of us kids a good life to be proud of.

I am so proud to call this amazing man my father because without him my life wouldn’t be grounded and secure.

Happy Father’s Day

xoxo, Christina

New Chapter: Part 1

It has finally reached the end of May and a new chapter is about to be born in my single mommy world. I am mentally preparing to see my precious 5 year old walk across the stage in her little white cap and gown to graciously accept her first achievement. That’s right my baby is graduating from Pre- K next Tuesday! It has been a journey seeing my daughter from the very first day till now. She has learned a lot since that first day I dropped her off at daycare. I will never forget the sad look she gave me. I fought hard to hold back tears because that was the first time I had ever left her under someone else’s supervision. Now, she loves the friends she has made and she has made herself known  in everyone’s life at her school. I am so proud of her and I can only imagine what life will bring to her once she starts Kindergarten in the Fall. Let’s hope I can keep myself together!

As for myself I am still working and in search for the right things in my life. I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas and had a great time seeing my family and going to my first Texas Rangers game. Go Rangers! I was dissapointed that I wasnt able to see Mike Napoli play. but they won and that makes me happy regardless. While on my trip I realized that I need to be doing more with my life. Our busy lives consume us on a day to day basis and we often forget the beauty that lies within our world. We are constantly surrounded by negative things that we forget that there are still great things and people out there. We just have to take that time and enjoy those moments. I have learned a couple things:

1. Your relationship with God is what brings you happiness and peace within yourself. I am slowly learning that without His guidance I wouldn’t be making the right decsions.

2. Family is what builds a strong foundation to help keep us afloat. Yes, of course we all dream about having a family of our own, BUT before all of that you have to remember the ones who have always been in your life since the day you were born. Cherish the moments you have and appreciate those around you and never let anyone take the place of that

Well, It is Friday and I am hoping tomorrow the sun will be present because I plan to go to the beach with my family! Have a good night


Weekends Are AWESOME

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face because it is a new day to conquer the world , but when Saturday and Sunday comes around I not only smile from ear to ear , I jump up for joy. Why I do this? I LOVE MY WEEKENDS. I know everyone loves there’s just as much, but for me it’s a whole different feeling. As a hard working, single mom my work week is very structured. I wake up at the same time Monday through Friday, do my morning rituals, drop my daughter off at school, go to work, pick up my daughter, come home and then my duties as a mom kick in. You would probably think I sleep like a baby at night, well it varies depending on when my brain allows me to fall asleep. Thoughts of tomorrow , counting the days till the weekend, making a list of things I need to do around the house, and trying to figure out a master plan to find the energy to do these things are all done at night when I’m trying to fall asleep in my comfy bed . Weekends are not so structured because I feel so free to do what I want and that is a an awesome feeling! I’m able to clean, spend time with friends and family, go on dates to find my prince charming, see new movies , pamper myself, and the list could go on are all things I try to do in those two days. Life is good here in Sunny Florida! Enjoy the weekend because we ALL DESERVE it!