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Hello my fellow followers I am currently moving to my own domain. Please take the time to follow me at my new website

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2014 IS HERE!! Are You Ready?


Another year has gone by and to be quite honest I am happy to see 2013 leave. Now I am not saying this past year was horrible because it definatley wasn’t, but there were things that I was ready to leave in 2013. Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I am  in life and where I want to be in the next 5 years. Knowing my 20’s is almost over I need to get my life to where I need it to be for myself and my daughter. Someone once told me your 30’s is when everything starts to fall in to place. I  pray that it is true because I am ready for bigger and better things. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Well it is getting late, but I will blog soon! Goodnight Everyone and have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR



I start my “29 Ways to Live your List before 30 ” challenge

To My Daughter

Dear Alexis Jordynn

My Little Princess, My life

From the moment you were born I knew our bond would never be broken…..

You have filled my life with so much joy and happiness…

Your pure innocense and kind heart is only deserved by the kindest souls.

You my lil one has taught me that life is worth waking up each day….

You have taught me the importance of responsibilty…

You were made with love….and it shows through your beautiful blue eyes….and kind spirit…

During the time you were growing inside I tried my hardest to be strong so you wouldn’t feel the stress I felt…It was always you and me when no one else was around.

When I found out I was pregant I was scared and confused until that day in the doctors office…

I will never forget that ultrasound picture…

you were the size of a kidney bean, but it was so clear that you were looking right at me…..

I was the first to see you….

I cried at that moment because I knew it was meant to be…to feel another life …

you are my heart, my soul, and my life…you are my reason for waking up everyday with a smile …

Baby, I have gone through so much and I hope that you will never experience what I have experience.

You have taught me that love is strong and will conquer all….

It is sad that some dont see that..but who are we to judge….all we can do is pray for those that need guidance….

I love you Alexis Jordynn…you are my princess and I will always be strong for you…and I WILL NEVER FAIL YOU….

Our bond is strong and I am proud to be your mommy….


Love My Crock Pot


So for dinner I decided to make home made beef stew from my crock pot.

* McCormick beef stew seasoning packet
* pre sliced beef( already sliced and ready to go)
* sliced up green bell pepper, onion , fresh garlic, red potatoes, carrots
* seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper

The instructions are on the back of the McCormick season package. I cooked my stew for a hour 4 hours on high! It turned out delicious , but next time I am planning to use a roast.

Bon Appetite

Xoxo- Christina

2013 IS THE YEAR !!

So it is the year 2013 and to be quite honest I can’t believe it is finally here. Trying to wrap my mind that it has been 13 years since 2000 came upon us. To think the world should of ended last month. Whew I am glad that I lived to actually tell about it. LOL

So I have already cut my hair and added highlights to add to the new year, which in fact I feel pretty darn good about it. This year I want to make a difference. I know everyone says this when a new year comes around, but I MEAN IT!!

There is so much that I want to accomplish and well I feel 2013 is THE YEAR!

For starters I want to be more involved with my blog. I haven’t blogged as much as I should, but I feel confident that I can make my blog as successful as any other blogs out there. My passion for writing burns deep within my heart and I shouldn’t be afraid of it. You like that, haha it was pretty heart felt if I say so myself. I also want to invest in my first Canon XSI. My mom got a more expensive one for Christmas and I automatically fell in love. I think I have a talent for photography that needs to grow as well and what more exciting than to incorporate the two.

Secondly, I want to also find the time to travel as much as I can which means SAVING $$$. It is important to me to see the beauties of this world while I only have this one life to live, plus I want to also give my daughter the memories she deserves.

Here is my Travel To Do List:

  • Los Angeles- to see all that it has to offer
  • Colorado- ski and hike
  • Grand Canyon- Always wanted to see
  • Mount Rushmore- Always wanted to see
  • Hawaii- I heard every day is like paradise over there
  • Phillpines- to see my other family
  • Paris- to fall in love
  • Italy- to really taste REAL Italian food

I also want to slim down before bikini weather comes. This will be the biggest struggle, but I feel that this year will be my year to accomplish all my goals.

And to conclude this evenings post I also wanted to include my small ongoing debt that I have had since I was a late teenager. Today’s world is only going to get more dificult and I need to be more prepared for myself and daughter. SAVE SAVE SAVE and making wiser decisions.

Overall, I believe that this year will be the turning point of something great. Deep down I know what I want for my life, but right now I need to tie up some loose ends inorder to get EXACTLY what I want. Stay tuned for more of my blogging. Hope you will continue this journey with me.

xoxo- Christina