New Chapter: Part 1

It has finally reached the end of May and a new chapter is about to be born in my single mommy world. I am mentally preparing to see my precious 5 year old walk across the stage in her little white cap and gown to graciously accept her first achievement. That’s right my baby is graduating from Pre- K next Tuesday! It has been a journey seeing my daughter from the very first day till now. She has learned a lot since that first day I dropped her off at daycare. I will never forget the sad look she gave me. I fought hard to hold back tears because that was the first time I had ever left her under someone else’s supervision. Now, she loves the friends she has made and she has made herself known  in everyone’s life at her school. I am so proud of her and I can only imagine what life will bring to her once she starts Kindergarten in the Fall. Let’s hope I can keep myself together!

As for myself I am still working and in search for the right things in my life. I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas and had a great time seeing my family and going to my first Texas Rangers game. Go Rangers! I was dissapointed that I wasnt able to see Mike Napoli play. but they won and that makes me happy regardless. While on my trip I realized that I need to be doing more with my life. Our busy lives consume us on a day to day basis and we often forget the beauty that lies within our world. We are constantly surrounded by negative things that we forget that there are still great things and people out there. We just have to take that time and enjoy those moments. I have learned a couple things:

1. Your relationship with God is what brings you happiness and peace within yourself. I am slowly learning that without His guidance I wouldn’t be making the right decsions.

2. Family is what builds a strong foundation to help keep us afloat. Yes, of course we all dream about having a family of our own, BUT before all of that you have to remember the ones who have always been in your life since the day you were born. Cherish the moments you have and appreciate those around you and never let anyone take the place of that

Well, It is Friday and I am hoping tomorrow the sun will be present because I plan to go to the beach with my family! Have a good night