Little Girls and Brushes

***Watch this video by Rid Lice for helpful information***

I don’t know what it is but my heart literally skips a beat when I get a phone call from my daughter’s school when I am working. It was like any other day just working away wishing for 5 o’clock to come around. I was in the zone doing my own thing when I was told that my daughter’s school was on the phone and that it wasn’t an emergency. I immediatley let out a sigh of relief, but still a million thought ran through my head. When I picked up the phone it was the school nurse on the otherend explaining to me that my daughter was one of 6 girls that had encountered head lice. Apparently there is an epidemic of head lice in most of the surrounding schools and day cares where I live. I literally started to freak out in my own little world because I had never dealt with this before and from what I heard head lice can be very time consuming and costly to get rid of. After hanging up the phone I called my mom to ask if she could pick her up from school. Luckily she was able to pick her up. My mom is a lifesaver! The rest of the afternoon I kept thinking about all the stuff I needed to do when I got home. Now let me just add I was doing more than just thinking, I was scratching my head constantly. It had been like that since I got off the phone with the nurse. I had one of the girls go through my hair to make sure I didn’t have any unwanted guests trying to make a home in my hair. Luckily, with a sigh of relief nothing was found and it was all in my head playing tricks on me. It is just something that happens when someone talks about creepy crawly creatures that makes me itch. I rushed home and immediatley kicked my cleaning into high gear. I vaccumed and washed everything my precious little girl’s head touched. As of right now after treating my daughter’s hair there is no trace of any adult lice and just making sure we get all the nits. I am so thankful this happend towards the end of the week because I would hate to have her miss a lost of school. Head lice is so common with kids, but from now on I plan to put some type of product in my daughter’s hair. JUST REMEMBER Head lice LOVE CLEAN HAIR!!! I have included a youtube video I found for mom’s to view in case you are new to treating head lice like I was.