Sand, Sun, and Family Fun


“This is the best day ever!!!” Is music to my ears. It is moments like these that warms my heart to know that I bring these amazing moments to my daughter’s life. Sun kissed tan, sandy feet, sun shining bright, and just the right amount of wind is the absolute definition of “the best day ever.” I have always wanted to travel to paradise, but the benefit of living 30 minutes from the beach makes paradise closer to home.



Being at the beach reminds me of the good things in life. Those “best day ever!” moments help me to stay grounded when life throws us a curve ball. As parents we always try to make sure we give our children the best life we can offer. Keeping them safe is very important, but I think the most important gift we can give our children are the memories they will have and be able to look back on when they reach adulthood. As an adult I can honeslty say I had an AMAZING childhood and my parents did a great job making sure us kids were happy despite any situation they were going through.

I hope as a single mom I can still continue to give Alexis more “best day ever!” moments. As long as I can do that I know that I have done a great job! Hope everyone had a great weekend!



New Chapter: Part 1

It has finally reached the end of May and a new chapter is about to be born in my single mommy world. I am mentally preparing to see my precious 5 year old walk across the stage in her little white cap and gown to graciously accept her first achievement. That’s right my baby is graduating from Pre- K next Tuesday! It has been a journey seeing my daughter from the very first day till now. She has learned a lot since that first day I dropped her off at daycare. I will never forget the sad look she gave me. I fought hard to hold back tears because that was the first time I had ever left her under someone else’s supervision. Now, she loves the friends she has made and she has made herself known  in everyone’s life at her school. I am so proud of her and I can only imagine what life will bring to her once she starts Kindergarten in the Fall. Let’s hope I can keep myself together!

As for myself I am still working and in search for the right things in my life. I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas and had a great time seeing my family and going to my first Texas Rangers game. Go Rangers! I was dissapointed that I wasnt able to see Mike Napoli play. but they won and that makes me happy regardless. While on my trip I realized that I need to be doing more with my life. Our busy lives consume us on a day to day basis and we often forget the beauty that lies within our world. We are constantly surrounded by negative things that we forget that there are still great things and people out there. We just have to take that time and enjoy those moments. I have learned a couple things:

1. Your relationship with God is what brings you happiness and peace within yourself. I am slowly learning that without His guidance I wouldn’t be making the right decsions.

2. Family is what builds a strong foundation to help keep us afloat. Yes, of course we all dream about having a family of our own, BUT before all of that you have to remember the ones who have always been in your life since the day you were born. Cherish the moments you have and appreciate those around you and never let anyone take the place of that

Well, It is Friday and I am hoping tomorrow the sun will be present because I plan to go to the beach with my family! Have a good night


Fairy Tale Remix

What might a fairytale remix be? It is simply a different type of fairytale that most of us mom’s live through than our traditional fairytale we dreamt about as little girls. No matter how we stepped into motherhood our remix differs individually,but stands for one thing. Being a mommy to our children can be difficult, but the rewards are endless. A new life begins and our life changes. As little girls we always dreamt of a fairytale ending but in reality our lives through the years take a turn that may not always be so glamourous. Break-ups, jobs we hated, but had to go to because of bills to pay, self-centered boyfriends who weren’t even close to being knights in shining armour, but wrapped up in tin foil pretending they are the defintion of what a man should be. As we grow older and wiser we start to realize there is really no such thing as a fairytale ending. This is what we call a fairytale remix.

Remix-to mix and re-record the elements in a different way.

As the definition states we as women re-record the elements of a traditional fairytale and make our own ending. Our own fairytale brings us stories to tell of our adventures through motherhood. My own consists of living the life as a single mom raising my daughter 24/7, going to school full-time and working 8 hours a day/5 days a week. It can be difficult at times but I always know my ONE reason for all this is my DAUGHTER, my world, my sun on a cloudy day. One day I will find my own prince charming, my version, but for now I am living the life of a single mom and that is okay. So I say this to all mommies, where ever you are in your fairytale remix, be proud and remember you can write your own ending because it is yours to write and will always be a story you can tell. xo

The Working Mommy

As a working mom I have come to realize that weekends are cherished in my house. When Friday comes around i literally get excited like a little child on Christmas morning. My weekends usually consists of relaxing, catching up on cleaning, spending time with family and friends and basically not feeling the constant pressure of trying to keep my sanity while at work. Like any fast paced job there is the stress and that in it self can be challenging because we all want to succeed in what we do at work. I struggle from time to time with trying to balance all my roles as a mom, employee, student,and beloved family member. I admit sometimes I ask myself, “Why me?”. I simply say because I am strong enough to handle what God has given me. He knows I struggle, but I know He is always by my side to keep me going. My daughter is my shiny beacon of hope. She is my ultimate strength when I feel like I am falling through the cracks. Each mom in this world has a title and these titles get longer and longer. My title consists of SINGLE MOM TO ONE, FULL TIME ONLINE STUDENT AND FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE. I am prepared for my existing title to grow, but for now I am content with what I am. Tomorrow is Friday and this working mommy is going to bed.

-Chic Mommy In Pink