Life is Good

Lately my weekends have consisted of spending time with my family and friends. The thought of going out and partying rarely ever crosses my mind anymore. It is a change I will most definately keep for awhile. This weekend was filled with beachy air, AMAZING seafood and spending time with my sister, brother-in-law and two kids. They spent their last two days at a beautiful condo my parents rented for them on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. It was AMAZING!

My sweet Alexis had the best time spending it with her cousins at the beach. She loves hers cousins so much she was practically attached to their hip the whole weekend. Let’s just say she slepted very well at night and couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and start all over again.

For dinner we ate at our ususal place which is called O’steens. We waited an hour and thirty minutes to get seated but with was worth every minute. The food there is DELICIOUS and I recommend this place to anyone who comes to visit St. Augustine. Just a little FYI: They ONLY EXCEPT CASH

Today is Father’s Day and unfortunatley my dad is somewhere above the clouds flying to Africa, but that won’t stop me from expressing how AMAZING my father is. I never know what to buy him for father’s day because he practically has everything he needs. My dad lives his childhood dream everytime he flies high above the clouds. He is Captain Hawkins and is responsible for his co-pilot and the 200+ passengers aboard. With being a captain comes tremendous responsibility and that is why I LOVE MY DAD SO MUCH. My dad embodies the word “responsibility” because he took care of his family every day, one step at a time.  With that being said my childhood was perfect and I thank my parents for that, but since today is Father’s day I need to be especially thankful for my dad because he sacrificed so much to give each and everyone of us kids a good life to be proud of.

I am so proud to call this amazing man my father because without him my life wouldn’t be grounded and secure.

Happy Father’s Day

xoxo, Christina