My Pinned Life

If you’re like me “pinning” is an addiction. Creating new boards, finding new recipes, DIY crafts, etc. are all things we get sucked into when we spend countless hours on Pinterest. I love finding new recipes, motivation, inspirational quotes, and crafty ideas to help make life a little different. As I sit here listening to the rain outside I thought about what my next post should be about. I decided to share my life through photos I have “pinned” from my boards.


I secretly live a superwoman life. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I really am Superwoman. I even have the pink cape to prove my special superwoman powers do exist.


I ABOSOLUTELY LOVE Target! I sometimes go there just to walk around and look at all the clearence items. This might sound crazy to a lot of people, but since when do I care about what others think. Not this mama. Seeing this on Pinterest made me giggle because I would be one of those moms on a Friday night at Target sitting at the bar. I mean what could be more fabulous than a bag full of awesome clearence items and a stiff drink to end your work week. I would be perfectly content if I say so myself.


I am pretty sure in another life I was an english teacher because I take grammar and spelling SERIOUSLY…LOL


I started blogging in hopes to inspire and connect with other women. I want other women to know that they are not alone and that we can all survive if we stick together.


Yes this is me:)

In a nutshell, I love to express my present life through quotes and pictures. There is something about a good quote that explains exactly what your life is all about in that exact moment.

Have a awesome weekend mamas:)
Xo- Christina


Weightloss: My Testimony


My weight loss journey began approximately 8 months ago.  My weight had reached an all time high of 183lbs and in that very moment of my life I knew I had to do something before I gained anymore weight.  I thought this was so ridiculous because I didn’t even weigh that much when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter.  My life in that very moment was in a serious rut. I  needed to change my life. I didn’t buy cute clothes or even try to dress up because nothing fit. All I wanted to wear were t-shirts, gym shorts and flip-flops.  There were even moments when I would just give up trying to find something to wear and just sit on my bed crying. Depressing right?  After my moment of clarity I decided to make an appointment with my primary physician so he could order blood work and do a complete work up on me.  After 3 months of blood work he referred me to a Endocrinologist because my thyroid levels were off. At this point I just wanted to feel better and I wasn’t excited about taking medication for my thyroid. After more blood work the specialist finally told me he felt that it wasn’t necessary for me to be on any type of thyroid medicine and would just monitor me in 3 months. I felt so relieved because I HATE taking medicine.

My friend from work, a.k.a “My second mama”, and I started working out with two really great personal trainers who held a work out class at a local community center three times a week.  Starting out was a challenge because I was out of shape and completely lost in my weightloss journey. I was commited to stick with it and I was secretly developing  a little crush on one of the trainers so that made working out more enjoyable,,Shhh don’t tell..LOL 🙂

Here we are 8 months later and I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 12 lbs. and 4 inches off my waist( my main goal). It is a slow process, but what keeps me going is that I recently had to buy clothes in a smaller size because what I did have to wear was getting too big for me. I am not worried about what the scale says because I only care about the inches I loose.

**Weightloss fact: Muscle weighs more than fat”**

Before I got pregnant I weighed 135lbs at the age of 21. Since then I have realized how much my body has changed  and let me just say my hips are bigger. Now I know after having my daughter that my hips will never be the same as before and I am okay with that because  I can honestly say I LOVE MY CURVES!!

My main goal through this whole journey is to be healthy, be toned, and being able to feel comfortable in my own skin. It was time for a change and  I belive that the right people came into my life to make it happen for me.  I still continue to work out 3-4 times a week  and try my best to eat clean. Eating has definately  been my biggest challenge because I LOVE FOOD!!!


2013 IS THE YEAR !!

So it is the year 2013 and to be quite honest I can’t believe it is finally here. Trying to wrap my mind that it has been 13 years since 2000 came upon us. To think the world should of ended last month. Whew I am glad that I lived to actually tell about it. LOL

So I have already cut my hair and added highlights to add to the new year, which in fact I feel pretty darn good about it. This year I want to make a difference. I know everyone says this when a new year comes around, but I MEAN IT!!

There is so much that I want to accomplish and well I feel 2013 is THE YEAR!

For starters I want to be more involved with my blog. I haven’t blogged as much as I should, but I feel confident that I can make my blog as successful as any other blogs out there. My passion for writing burns deep within my heart and I shouldn’t be afraid of it. You like that, haha it was pretty heart felt if I say so myself. I also want to invest in my first Canon XSI. My mom got a more expensive one for Christmas and I automatically fell in love. I think I have a talent for photography that needs to grow as well and what more exciting than to incorporate the two.

Secondly, I want to also find the time to travel as much as I can which means SAVING $$$. It is important to me to see the beauties of this world while I only have this one life to live, plus I want to also give my daughter the memories she deserves.

Here is my Travel To Do List:

  • Los Angeles- to see all that it has to offer
  • Colorado- ski and hike
  • Grand Canyon- Always wanted to see
  • Mount Rushmore- Always wanted to see
  • Hawaii- I heard every day is like paradise over there
  • Phillpines- to see my other family
  • Paris- to fall in love
  • Italy- to really taste REAL Italian food

I also want to slim down before bikini weather comes. This will be the biggest struggle, but I feel that this year will be my year to accomplish all my goals.

And to conclude this evenings post I also wanted to include my small ongoing debt that I have had since I was a late teenager. Today’s world is only going to get more dificult and I need to be more prepared for myself and daughter. SAVE SAVE SAVE and making wiser decisions.

Overall, I believe that this year will be the turning point of something great. Deep down I know what I want for my life, but right now I need to tie up some loose ends inorder to get EXACTLY what I want. Stay tuned for more of my blogging. Hope you will continue this journey with me.

xoxo- Christina